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Inotropic therapy management, provided by an infusion pharmacy is insufficient in managing patients with chronic heart failure and preventing unnecessary repetitive hospital visits. These patients need customized Chronic Care Management from a provider that recognizes and treats the gaps of traditional therapy. These patients need a provider that not only transitions them to the home setting, but keeps them at home by providing the support, education, intervention and therapy necessary for managing heart failure. Chronic Care Management programs offered through our "Innovative Center of Excellence" are designed to manage the chronic patient they represent.

Our Connecting HEARTS at Home program includes:

    • Inotrope Therapy & IV Lasix Protocol
    • Pre and Post Discharge Education by Clinician
    • Healthy at Home™ Telemedicine with Clinician Coaches
    • Comprehensive Clinical Team Involvement
    • Portal Access for Physicians
    • Customized Outcomes Reporting

Our Chronic Care Management program meets the Triple Aim Objectives:

  • Enhance Patient Experience
  • Improve Health Management
  • Reduce Healthcare Costs

Heart Failure Facts

  • 5.7 million Americans suffer from heart failure*
  • 10 percent of these are living with symptoms even at rest*
  • CHF is the most common reason people 65 and older go to the hospital at a cost of approximately $40 billion annually*
  • Over half the cost is associated with hospital readmissions*
  • Average cost for a single hospital admission for heart failure is $27,021**

*Centers for disease Control and prevention
**Health Services Research

Healthy at Home™ Outcomes

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