Pediatric Ventilation

Barnes Healthcare Services works with the physician, discharge planner, and caregivers to create a plan to get the patient home with the right care, equipment, and other services that might be needed.

Our Respiratory Care Practitioners provide exceptional training to patients, caregivers, and facility personnel on the ventilation equipment, and how to attend to the patients in their everyday lives.

Our program consists of a two week teach and train with a minimum of two caregivers. This will provide adequate time for the coordination of all pre-discharge activities including, but not limited to:

  • Discharge team meeting
  • Clinical assessment
  • Home assessment
  • Patient trial
  • Patient and/or caregiver education and training
  • Home health agency personnel training
  • Caregivers 24 hour room in providing complete patient care

Upon discharge from the hospital, additional support is provided via our daily telemedicine monitoring service, oversight, coaching, and communication with physician as needed.

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