A patient with nutritional support deserves individual attention and the intervention of clinical experts for development of a personal formula that satisfies their unique needs. That’s what you can expect from Barnes Healthcare Services.

Because we are a regional infusion provider, you can be assured that your order for enteral (tube feeding) or home parenteral nutrition (HPN) takes top priority. There is no need for a nutrition support order to be complicated or time consuming. A single call or order allows our team to take care of the process for you. Hospitalization is not necessary for initiation of nutrition services. We can help physicians formulate, manage, maintain or even transition patients from home parenteral nutrition to enteral nutrition or vice versa.  

Our board certified nutrition support pharmacists (BCNSP) and certified nutrition support clinicians (CNSC) manage each patient by assessing their needs, customizing the formula and preparing both patient and caregiver for home nutrition services. From education by our certified infusion nurses to ongoing clinical support, formula modifications and physician communication, our team is dedicated to helping our patients live longer, healthier and more vibrant lives. 

 We Take Care of People by Keeping Them Healthy At Home®
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Barnes Healthcare Services has earned approval from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.